iEnter Workshop on interactive audiovisual entertainment


28/02/2008 | 29/02/2008

The aims of the workshop, held in Barcelona in February 2008, was to advance in the understanding of the communicative relationshiops that, with ludic purposes, are established with the participants of the audiovisual systems (the interactors, the machina, the application and the content).

The media entertainment demands more attention from communication researchers:

Citizens of developed countries increasingly devote more time and resources to entertain ourselves with interactive audiovisual productions. In addition, industries related to the production of audiovisual entertainment grow significantly.

Entertainment is a mechanism for cultural, ideological, philosophical, artistic, psychological and educational penetration. With this in mind, it is necessary to be aware and strengthen their potential for a positive application.

iEnter opted for the analysis of interactive audiovisual entertainment from different perspectives:

  • It is receptive to communicative, technological, cultural, anthropological, economic, psychological, social, legislative, philosophical and artistic explanations of mediated entertainment in the modern societies.
  • Appreciates the observation of communicative human behavior (v.g. reception processes, audience studies).
  • Stays attentive to the analysis of the uses and communicative effects of all the interactive formats that uses the sound or image as a language or way of expression.

iEnter opened the reflection on the creation and consumption of the creation of:

  • Games for different platforms.
  • Mobile applications.
  • Contents for virtual, augmented or mixed reality devices.
  • Ludic developments AI based.
  • Persistent technology.
  • Interactive narratives.
  • New interactive television experiences.
  • Cross-media applications.
  • New art, design and media.