GRISS and Euromonitor researchers Matilde Delgado, Núria Garcia, Pau Lluís, Belén Monclús, Celina Navarro, Lidiane Nunes and Elisa Paz, have participated in the IAMCR 2017 that took place in Madrid.


logo-madridThe conference of the International Association for Media and Communication Research, titled “Communication, Technology and Human Dignity: Disputed rights, contested truths”, aim to analyse the impact of the latest advances in communication technology on society, culture and human rights, giving special importance to the quality and authenticity of sources and messages in view of increased mechanization and artificial intelligence.


Audience section

  • Núria Garcia-Muñoz, Matilde Delgado, Pau Lluís y Elisa Paz. “Social television and popular culture in the images published by the audiences on Twitter”.
  • Belén Monclús. “El uso de Twitter en MasterChef Junior en Estados Unidos, España y Portugal”

International communication section

  • Celina Navarro. “On-demand television flows: European series on SVoD platforms”.

Gender and communication section

  • Lidiane Nunes de Castre. “#EleNao: Wen the Brazilian women took (it to) the streets”.