GRISS (Image, Sound and Synthesis Research Group), is a consolidated research group at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, created in 1980, recognised by the Generalitat de Catalunya ((Grup 2017SGR672) and part of the Department of Audiovisual Communication and Advertising

Latest publications

Navarro, C.; Delgado, M.; Paz, E.; Garcia-Muñoz, N.; Mendoza, A. (2021)

Popular on-air and popular on-line: Analysis of the broadcaster’s Twitter strategies of the highest-rated British and Spanish TV series. 

Catalan Journal of Communication & Cultural Studies

Navarro, C. (2020)

The origin of imported TV content and the public service remit in European PSBs: RTVE and the BBC.

Journal of Popular Television

Coromina, Ò., Delgado, M., Prado, E.; García-Muñoz, N. (2020)

Estrategias de activación de la audiencia social en Twitter de los programas más populares de la televisión generalista en Europa.

Estudios sobre el Mensaje Periodístico

Navarro, C.; Coromina, Ò. (2020)

Discussion and mediation of social outrage on Twitter: The reaction to the judicial sentence of La Manada

Communication & Society

Prado, E; Delgado, M.; García Muñoz, N.; Monclús, B.; Navarro, C. (2020).

General-television programming in Europe (UE5): Public versus commercial channels.

El profesional de la información

Monclús, B.; García, N.; Delgado, M.; Franquet, R.; Prado, E.; Mendoza, A. (2019)

A discrete proposal: Appeals to the social networks of popular programmes in Europe