Researchers Celina Navarro and Gemma Gómez receive an Extraordinary Doctoral Award

The prize is awarded for each UAB PhD program among all the thesis held in an academic year


Year 2016/2017: Dr. Celina Navarro Bosch: ” The industry policies behind the presence of imported television content: a comparative study of Spain and the United Kingdom”. Supervised by Dr. Emili Prado.

Year 2017/2018: Dr. Gemma Gómez Bernal: “La realidad aumentada en la hipermodernidad: El caso de la publicidad comercial. Análisis comparativo y clasificación de proyectos, desarrollos y actores en España y Reino Unido”. Supervised by Dr. Rosa Franquet.


Òscar Coromina carry out a stay as a visiting researcher in Denmark

He was a visiting researcher at the Aalborg University


Òscar Coromina recently completed a research stay at the Aalborg University in Denmark, where he collaborated with the Teknoantropologisk Laboratorium (Laboratory of Techno-Anthropology).

Among other activities, Coromina gave a workshop that allowed participants to explore how the epistemologies of digital marketing (tools, metrics, platform documentation, professional practices) can be used for research.



GRISS researchers attend the IAMCR 2019

GRISS and Euromonitor researchers Matilde Delgado, Núria Garcia, Pau Lluís, Belén Monclús, Celina Navarro, Lidiane Nunes and Elisa Paz, have participated in the IAMCR 2017 that took place in Madrid.


logo-madridThe conference of the International Association for Media and Communication Research, titled “Communication, Technology and Human Dignity: Disputed rights, contested truths”, aim to analyse the impact of the latest advances in communication technology on society, culture and human rights, giving special importance to the quality and authenticity of sources and messages in view of increased mechanization and artificial intelligence.


Audience section

  • Núria Garcia-Muñoz, Matilde Delgado, Pau Lluís y Elisa Paz. “Social television and popular culture in the images published by the audiences on Twitter”.
  • Belén Monclús. “El uso de Twitter en MasterChef Junior en Estados Unidos, España y Portugal”

International communication section

  • Celina Navarro. “On-demand television flows: European series on SVoD platforms”.

Gender and communication section

  • Lidiane Nunes de Castre. “#EleNao: Wen the Brazilian women took (it to) the streets”.

Viva of a thesis directed by the GRISS researcher Carles Llorens

Evaluación y Análisis del ‘Media Policy-Making’ de la reforma socialista del sector Audiovisual y la Ley general de la Comunicación Audiovisual (2004-2011)



The Doctoral Thesis of Patricia Mani, directed by Dr. Carles Llorens, in the framework of the programm of Doctoral Studies in Communication Contents of the Digital Era, has been defensed in the Sala de Graus of the Facultat de Ciències de la Comunicació last June 13 at 12h.


GRISS researches attend to the IAMCR 2017

GRISS and Euromonitor researcher Òscar Coromina, Matilde Delgado, Rosa Franquet, Nuria Garcia, Josep Maria Martí, Belén Monclús, Emili Prado, Xavier Ribes, Celina Navarro, Gemma Gómez, Sheila Guerrero, Pau Lluis, Alba Mendoza and Elisa Paz have participated in the IAMCR 2017.

iamcr2017_imgThe conference of the International Association for Media and Communication Research, titled “Transformación de la cultura, la política y la comunicación: Nuevos medios, territorios y discursos”, has the aim to generate and develop new theoretical approached that allow to think, discuss and create new concepts and methods of study in the communication field.



  • New content and production routines in the post radio era: The case study of “Yu: no te pierdas nada. Maria Gutiérrez, Belén Monclús, Xavier Ribes i Josep Maria Martí.
  • Social Audience and European Serial Fiction. Nuria Garcia, Emili Prado, Belen Monclús and Alba Mendoza.
  • Social Media Discussion About Gender Representation on European TV Talk Shows. Òscar Coromina, Matilde Delgado and Elisa Paz.
  • Audience participation in Spanish news programs between 2010 and 2016: Sobering up after the digital enthusiasm. Ignacio Bergillos (GRISS – UAB CESAG – UIB) and Rosa Franquet.
  • Info-Show In European Television: The Industry Lab For Engagament With The Social Audience. Rosa Franquet, Òscar Coromina, Gemma Gómez and Sheila Guerrero.

GRISS researcher, Jose Luis Valero attends to the 16th ErgoDesign

In the  Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina (Brasil) 


GRISS researcher José Luis Valero did two lectures entitled “A utilização da infografia em Ambientes Educativos e de aprendizagem” and “Ainfografia no contexto atual”. The event took place at the Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina, Florianópolis (Brasil), from 5 to 9 of June.

ErgoDesing is an international congress of ergonomics interested on the ease of use of human interfaces and technologies. The main focuses are usability, technology in the educational field and accessibility in digital environments.


GRISS director Emili Prado talks about the communication of proximity

Presentation of the Llibre Blanc de l’Audiovisual a Catalunya al MAC 2017 


The director of GRISS Emili Prado, along with Roger Loppacher and Salvador Alsius, president and vicepresident of the Consell de l’Audiovisual de Catalunya, presented the Llibre Blanc de l’Audiovisual a Catalunya al Mercat Audiovisual de Catalunya 2017.

Los speakers focused in the field of the proximity communication, analysing the challenges that the sector is facing. Emili Prado emphasized the need of the stimulation of these medium, with actions adressed to increase their presence in social networks, enhance videos on demand and offer more children and youth content to attract new audiences.

Josep Maria Martí, GRISS researcher, talks about the current state of the radio in Catalonia

Presented the Informe sobre la ràdio a Catalunya 2012-2014 in MAC 2017 


GRISS researcher Josep Maria Martí participated in the round table of the Mercat de l’Audiovisual de Catalunya 2017. In the session, moderated by Jordi del Río (General Director of Media in Generalitat), Saül Gordillo (Director of Catalunya Ràdio), Xantal Llavina (journalist) and Josep González Bayo (Director of Ràdio Arenys) also participated. The event took place in the Mercat Audiovisual de Catalunya 2017.

The assistants had the chance to pick up a copy of the Informe sobre la ràdio a Catalunya 2012-2014. The book, carried out by the Observatori de la Ràdio a Catalunya, that asses the progress of broadcasting, and is the only regular and comprehensive study on the sector throughout the state. The writting process was also carried by the researchers Belen Monclus, Carles Llorens and Xavier Ribes, as well as Josep Maria Martí.

Celina Navarro defends her Doctoral thesis

The industry policies behind the presence of imported television content: a comparative study of Spain and the United Kingdom




The Doctoral Thesis, directed by Dr. Emili Prado, in the framework of the programm of Doctoral Studies in Communication Contents of the Digital Era, has been defensed in the Sala de Graus of the Facultat de Ciències de la Comunicació last April 12 at 11h.