Official Master’s Degree in Audiovisual Communication and Advertising Contents 

| Places: 30

| Credits: 60 ECTS

| Coordinator: Xavier Ribes i Guàrdia

| Language: Spanish and English

| Duration: 14/10/2019 – 31/07/2020

| Faculty: Ciencias de la Comunicación UAB

| Department: Comunicación Audiovisual y Publicidad

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The master’s degree in Audiovisual Communication and Advertising Contents provides advanced training orientated towards research and professional practice in the field of audiovisual and advertising content in the digital age. Students are trained as professionals in the conception and design of content for all platforms and networks, in audience analysis and services and products.

The master’s degree in Audiovisual Communication and Advertising Contents also trains up researchers who can understand the fundamentals of research in audiovisual communication and advertising in relation to communication industries and policies, content and design of products and formats, user behaviours and communication strategies.

Career options

This master’s degree is orientated both towards research and towards professional practice: employment niches related to research applied to industry and content production, organisation or consumption, and occupations involving the conception, design and creation of audiovisual and advertising programmes, applications and formats and the management of communication campaigns in all formats. For those interested in academic research, the Master’s degree leads into the PhD programme.

The choice of optional subjects will lead students towards employment in research and applied research or in production, creation and management or in policymaking.