GRISS (Grup d’Investigació en Imatge, So i Síntesi, ref 2014 SGR 1674) researcher since 1994 and member of Euromonitor (Permanent monitoring of television in Europe since 2006) about television programming trends in Europe.

Has participated in I+D research projects about television genres in the European DTT and the consumption and behaviour of the audiovisual audiences.

Se has worked as a media professional, being among others, founder and director of the Barça TV Channel (Official TV channel of FCBarcelona), directing the evening magazine “On vols anar a parar” of Catalunya Ràdio and in the field of independent audiovisual production, has directed films, documentaries, spots and animation series.

Regarding publications, she has combined scientific and informative publications with children’s literature and apps.

Gemma Larrègola Bonastre